It’ll be lonely this Christmas… in Austrian ski resorts.

Following similar news first from Italy, then France and Germany, it appears that there will be no ski holidays this festive season in Austria.

I highlight the word “appears”, as this is just the rumored, yet sadly well informed, news coming out of Austria today, and what will actually happen after December 7th, when the current Covid-19 restrictions are due to end (or be extended), are set to be announced by the Austrian government following this Wednesday’s Council of Ministers.

It seems that from December 7th, Austrian youngsters will be able to return to school, yet with safety restrictions in place, and retail stores will reopen to the public. However, it seems that hotels and restaurants are to remain closed, thus signalling no Christmas/New Year ski holidays this year in Austria. Certain cableways will restart operation as under Austrian law they are considered a form of public transportation and thus have an operating obligation under Austrian law.

© Österreich Werbung, Photographer: Peter Burgstaller 

This is the news being reported today in Austria. Of course, many on the internet are already claiming no ski holidays in Austria this Christmas, which, as of today is not true, but does appear to be what will be announced this coming Wednesday.

Here at, we feel of course for all of you dreaming of a ski holiday this Christmas, but we send our most heartfelt sympathies to the many businesses that will have to remain closed over such an important part of the tourist year for them. The economic consequences are immense. We hope that the recent positive news of Covid-19 vaccinations will prove to be effective and that very soon we can all return to normal.

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